William Shakespeare’s Idioms
(part 6)

Veröffentlicht 7 September 2016
Dauer des Videos: 2 Min.. 5 Sek.
As you know, William Shakespeare enriched the English language, adding to it not only new words but also many new expressions. In this series of videos, you will learn some of the idioms that appeared in the language thanks to Shakespeare, and this time you will get to know the phrase "forever and a day".
Empfohlene Wörter
confused - verwirrt
forever and a day - für immer und einen Tag
to happen - geschehen
honest - ehrlich
look for - suchen
near to - nahe an
a play - spielen
to pretend - vorgeben
a priest - Priester
a rehearsal - Probe
to rehearse - proben
a servant - Diener
a shrew - Spitzmaus
so that - so dass
sufficient - ausreichend
to tame - zähmen
that is why - darum
true - wahr
a tutor - Tutor
a witness - Zeuge