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iPhone 6s advertisement

iPhone 6s advertisement

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Posted on 11 Januar 2016
iPhone is a series of smartphones developed by Apple. Their operating system is iOS, which is a simplified and optimized for mobile devices version of OS X.
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Empfohlene Wörter
awesome - Ehrfurcht gebietend
a camera - Kamera
to change - wechseln
email - E-Mail
a finger - Finger
helpful - hilfreich
an image - Image
a like - Geschmack
like this - so
to move - bewegen
a movie - Film
of course - natürlich
to peek - spähen
a photo - Foto
pop open - aufplatzen
pressure - Druck
to read - lesen
to respond - reagieren
a screen - Bildschirm
to shoot - schießen
to show - anzeigen
a song - Song
stuff - Sachen
take-out - nehmen
to touch - berühren

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