Veröffentlicht 14 Februar 2019
Isn’t It Romantic?

Isn’t It Romantic?

продолжительность: 2:24
Posted on 14 Februar 2019
New York City architect Natalie works hard to get noticed at her job but is more likely to be asked to deliver coffee and bagels than to design the city's next skyscraper. And if things weren't bad enough, Natalie, a lifelong cynic when it comes to love, has an encounter with a mugger that renders her unconscious, waking to discover that her life has suddenly become her worst nightmare -- a romantic comedy -- and she is the leading lady.
Empfohlene Wörter
alternate - abwechselnd
an apartment - Wohnung
beguiling - betörend
break into - einbrechen
emergency - Notfall
exactly - genau
fairy tale - Märchen
go crazy - verrückt werden
a mirror - Spiegel
open - offen
a purse - Geldbörse
to set - setzen
set back - zurücksetzen
a sidekick - Kumpan
terrible - schrecklich
trapped - stoppen
universe - Universum
an update - Aktualisierung

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