Veröffentlicht 24 Juni 2017
Aleksandr Karelin: The day a legend was defeated
(part two)

Aleksandr Karelin: The day a legend was defeated
(part two)

продолжительность: 3:37
Posted on 24 Juni 2017
Aleksandr Karelin was the "greatest wrestler of all time" and a huge favorite, but Rulon Gardner - a dairy farmer from Wyoming - was the surprise he could not have expected. This video reveals the background of the fight and describes how the wrestling legend was defeated.
Part one
Empfohlene Wörter
air crash - Flugzeugunfall
to become - werden
a champion - Champion
change - Änderung
a check - Scheck
a crowd - Menge
earlier - früher
early in - früh rein kommen
an eye - Auge
force - Kraft
huge - riesig
to mean - bedeuten
politics - Politik
position - Position
possible - möglich
to protect - schützen
to prove - beweisen
recent - letzte
a record - Rekord
to release - lösen
to require - erfordern
rule - Regel
a score - Ergebnis
to seem - scheinen
a stage - Stufe
strength - Stärke
undisputed - unbestritten
usually - normalerweise

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