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London guide

London guide

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опубликовано 21 März 2017
A travel to London may well become a travel through the past. This city has long been a financial, educational and cultural centre, and it is full of modern buildings that are adjacent to historical constructions. Find out more about architectural attractions and wonderful parks found right in the centre of London, and continue with your journey in the suburbs that can tell you a completely different story.
Empfohlene Wörter
along - vorwärts
to attract - anziehen
be out to - aus sein
be situated - befinden
a chime - Glockenspiel
cultural - Kultur-
edgy - nervös
especially - insbesondere
financial - finanziell
to grow - wachsen
house of worship - Haus der Anbetung
hunting ground - Revier
in equal measure - in gleichem Maße
medieval - mittelalterlich
on the hour - zur vollen Stunde
open to the public - öffentlich
to pack - packen
a palace - Palast
to peal - läuten
perhaps - vielleicht
private - Privat-
recently - kürzlich
a saga - Saga
turn over a new page - drehe eine neue Seite um
world city - Weltstadt