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7 Most Useful English Phrasal Verbs with “GET”
(part 2)

7 Most Useful English Phrasal Verbs with “GET”
(part 2)

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Posted on 22 Mai 2019
Ali is an English teacher from the UK. In his lessons, he covers topics important for all learners so that it becomes simply unreal to forget something!
Learn the 7 most useful English phrasal verbs with "GET" in today's class!
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Empfohlene Wörter
a long time - lange
angry - wütend
annoyed - verärgert
be about - vergehen
crazy - verrückt
exciting - spannend
expression - Ausdruck
flight - Flug
get around to - herumkommen zu
get in - bekommen
get to - erreichen
go back - zurückgehen
to happen - geschehen
meaning - Bedeutung
a plane - Ebene
recently - kürzlich
sick - krank
specifically - speziell

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