Veröffentlicht 22 November 2017
Peppa Pig: The Eye Test

Peppa Pig: The Eye Test

продолжительность: 4:29
Posted on 22 November 2017
Today Peppa and George play with Pedro Pony. Pedro wears spectacles prescribed by an optometrist. And since Pedro's dad is an optometrist, Pedro knows everything about vision and eyes. A quick check shows that Peppa needs spectacles, too. Or should she see Pedro's dad first?
Peppa Pig
Empfohlene Wörter
a chart - Diagramm
to check - überprüfen
to choose - wählen
clearly - deutlich
eye test - Sehtest
eyesight - Sehvermögen
fantastic - fantastisch
funny - lustig
glasses - Brille
hope - hoffen
I suppose - Ich nehme an
interesting - interessant
to lose - verlieren
muddy - schlammig
no one - niemand
perfect - perfekt
proper - richtig
a puddle - Pfütze
put on - anziehen
sit down - hinsetzen
to slip - rutschen
sunglasses - Sonnenbrille
test - testen
what about - wie wäre es mit