Veröffentlicht 28 Juni 2017
Peppa Pig: Mysteries

Peppa Pig: Mysteries

продолжительность: 4:29
Posted on 28 Juni 2017
Today the Pig family watch their favourite television programme about Detective Potato. He has got such an interesting job that Peppa and George want to be detectives, too, when they grow up. In order for them to be able to practise a bit, Daddy Pig thinks of a complicated task: will Peppa and George manage to solve the mystery?
Peppa Pig
Empfohlene Wörter
a bedroom - Schlafzimmer
a detective - Detektiv
a drawer - Schublade
fair - fair
famous - berühmt
a flower - Blume
funny - lustig
glasses - Brille
gone - weg
half - Hälfte
hard - hart
a hat - Hut
high up - hoch oben
to hold - halten
inside - innerhalb
a kitchen - Küche
to lead - führen
to lose - verlieren
magnifying glass - Lupe
missing - vermisst
mystery - Geheimnis
outside - außerhalb
proper - richtig
a question - Frage
quite - ganz
to remember - merken
to solve - lösen
sort out - aussortieren
upstairs - oben
to watch - beobachten
well done - gut gemacht
what about - wie wäre es mit