Veröffentlicht 20 November 2013
Whitney Houston — Run To You

Whitney Houston — Run To You

продолжительность: 4:19
Posted on 20 November 2013
This is an astonishingly beautiful song that was also one of the soundtracks to the film "The Bodyguard" wherein Whitney Houston played one of the leading roles.
Empfohlene Wörter
control - Kontrolle
a girl - Mädchen
hard - hart
harm - Schaden
a heart - Herz
to hold - halten
hurt - Schmerz
a key - Taste
nobody - niemand
a role - Rolle
run away - weglaufen
safe - sicher
to share - teilen
sometimes - manchmal
to stay - bleiben
strong - stark
take the time - nimm die Zeit
wipe away - abwischen

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