How high can we build?
(part one)

Veröffentlicht 4 Februar 2014
Dauer des Videos: 3 Min.. 17 Sek.
In this video, Vsauce host, Michael, is going to tell you about the tallest buildings and structures in the world, and will talk about how tall the buildings constructed by humans can possibly be.
Empfohlene Wörter
aboard - an Bord
to accelerate - beschleunigen
to bend - biegen
a cathedral - Kathedrale
a collapse - Zusammenbruch
existence - Existenz
famously - famos
habitable - bewohnbar
height - Höhe
incredibly - unglaublich
limp - schlaff
long-term - langfristig
a plate - Platte
previously - vorher
a pyramid - Pyramide
to remain - bleiben
to snap - schnappen
to strike - schlagen
a structure - Struktur
to surpass - übertreffen
terminal - begrenzend
a title - Titel
tower - Turm
a velocity - Geschwindigkeit
visually - visuell
weird - seltsam