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History of Writing: Reliving the history of writing

History of Writing: Reliving the history of writing

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Posted on 16 Juni 2019
This animated history of writing has taken you around the world and through the millenia. Now let's look back on your journey. Contemplate the various writing systems you've met and the civilizations that invented them. Consider the choices and tradeoffs they made, and the tensions that pulled scribes in one direction or another. Finally, at long last, wake up from the slumber induced by Thoth's Pill, and ask yourself what writing means to you now that you've seen it for what it really is.
Empfohlene Wörter
along the way - nach dem Weg
to appreciate - schätzen
comfortable - komfortabel
consistent - konsequent
to contain - enthalten
deal with - behandeln
to discover - entdecken
familiar - familiär
flexible - flexibel
invention - Erfindung
lose touch - die Berührung verlieren
property - Eigenschaft
to recognize - erkennen
to represent - darstellen
rigid - starr
see for oneself - Überzeugen Sie sich selbst
similar - ähnlich
stand for - stehen für
a syllable - Silbe
take sides - Partei ergreifen
technique - Technik
tension - Spannung
visual - visuell
to warn - warnen

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